I have coached hundreds of people from all around the world in thousands of sessions in the last decade. They ranged from 20-71 years of age, all sorts of ethical and cultural backgrounds and professions.

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Maybe you can find your dreams amongst some of these examples of clients I have helped...



London City Financial Advisor and Wealth Manager David generated $48 million in new business for his company in only 8 months, through his deep dive coaching journey rather than more “productivity and marketing hacks”, while simultaneously reconnecting with his faith, health and his family.


Australian Lawyer Katrina found new balance in her work and personal life and improved her experience with colleagues by addressing underlying old patterns that previously kept her near burn out and a deep lack of connection.


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Neil, Former Head of European Sales of a global corporation, took his ambitious 3 year wealth and business plan to 90% completion within the first 6 months of us working together and became a highly sought after book author, speaker and workshop leader while taking 3 months of holidays a year. Watch this live coaching session with a Big AHA moment.


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Running an international specialist recruitment firm, Graeme doubled his monthly revenue from £10k to £25k in less than a year, only working a few hours a day from home and thus gaining back valuable time to spend with his wife and children and focussing on health and wellbeing instead of commuting to London for work.


Ian was an overwhelmed and stressed out C-Suite Exec who transitioned into a new Chief Sales Officer role with a new company and even moved to a gorgeous southern European country. He also solidified his relationship with his four children and his girlfriend, now soon-to-be wife, all in the span of 9 months.



Former self-employed IT Consultant Tenille transitioned into Mindful Leadership work with Microsoft, a field she is passionate about. She also opened herself up to a new relationship after battling with unhelpful relationship patterns and past experiences.


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Meera is an employee of a large global company. She felt a deep potential for more and took the time to explore her spiritual and personal development interests and talents and became part-time self-employed creating more variety and self actualisation in her life.


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Martin left his former career as a Mechanical Engineer as well as his home country behind in the major transformation he experienced. He took to the personal development profession, became a Leadership Coach himself, moved to his dream country Australia, and founded his own consulting firm.


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Cross Fit Level 3 Coach Simon came to coaching wanting to grow the membership in his ‘box’ (gym) with better marketing tactics. After the deep dive however, he chose a far more exciting route with CrossFit HQ, moved to Dubai and created the relationship of his dreams with a new woman by his side. 


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Hayley is a world class private chef and realised that owning her own restaurant was no longer serving her life vision and mission to support others. She closed the brick and mortar business and is now free to travel more and keep inspiring people to live healthier, more fulfilled lives through her cooking, shared recipes on Instagram and her coaching work.
With an increase in alignment, becoming more of who they truly are, much bigger possibilities and opportunities suddenly became available. A feeling of less struggle and more ease and rapport with self. It is a spiritual journey, this quest of figuring yourself out.

And from this space, they went on to create their wealth in business and relationships as an upgraded version of themselves.

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